sec-opTM offers world class medical diagnosis and advice at your fingertips!


We are serving well known hospitals around the world with readings or double readings as well as individuals needing second opinions to assure their diagnosis.


No matter if you are a patient searching for advice and a second opinion, a large hospital in need of additional double readings or a mobile diagnosis unit in the outback needing full double readings: We will provide state-of-the-art diagnosis performed by reknowned specialists.


With medicine developing further and further every day we are getting closer to the point where the only danger is a human error. The question whether doctors are trustworthy can easily be answered by thinking about how many lives doctors have saved and how they spent almost decades to learn about human anatomy and pathologies. But at the end of the day doctors are just humans and the mentioned human errors can appear. That’s why we think working in a team and getting multiple opinions is very important to provide the best and most detailed diagnosis possible. Click here for further information!


Where other websites and services get complicated at this point, we keep it simple. To get our diagnosis you just fill out a form asking several questions about your medical history, symptoms and previous diagnosis for example and give us the information you received from your doctor. After you either uploaded the data to our sec-op website or just send everything by post, we will process everything you gave us and discuss your state and options from there with a group of doctors. Click here for further information!


Our medical services, as well as the organization and processes supporting them, are "made in Germany" and designed with the highes quality standards in mind. Click here to get to know us better!


Your second opinion is just a few clicks away! Please fill out our order form and upload your data!

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