Why looking for a second opinion?

With medicine developing further and further every day we are getting closer to the point where the only danger is a human error. The question whether doctors are trustworthy can easily be answered by thinking about how many lives doctors have saved and how they spent almost decades to learn about human anatomy and pathologies. But at the end of the day doctors are just humans and the mentioned human errors can appear. That’s why we think working in a team and getting multiple opinions is very important to provide the best and most detailed diagnosis possible. With different doctors and different amounts and kinds of experiences we can assure that as much information can be given as clearly as possible. With patients having and actually understanding the right diagnosis as good as possible therefore is essential to find the treatment suiting each individual medical case. Getting a second opinion could turn out as a different diagnosis which obviously would have an impact and you could go on getting the right treatment. According to studies, a second opinion can decrease the chance of a wrong diagnosis and treatment by 90%. However, we can assure the diagnosis of the previous doctor. In that case we would offer answering questions you might have to give you the best understanding possible of what exactly is going on in your body. Thereby you can be included in the process of choosing the right treatment and be able to ask more precise questions.

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